AOG and OG&E Honored for Outstanding Energy Efficiency Program

Fort Smith, AR — On Jan. 16, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) recognized Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation (AOG) and Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E) with the Exemplary Program Award for their Joint Weatherization Program. The ACEEE is a nonprofit organization working to advance energy efficiency policies and programs in the United States.

“We’re honored to be recognized for helping our customers save energy and money through our energy efficiency initiatives,” said Dean Pollock, OG&E’s Sr. Manager Customer Programs and Support. “The partnership with AOG helps reduce administrative costs, which ultimately benefits all customers.”

Leaders of The Pack

The ACEEE, in their Jan. 2019 report entitled, “The New Leaders of the Pack,” recognized 53 of the United States’ most distinguished energy efficiency programs. These programs were chosen based on cutting-edge techniques and positive customer impact. AOG and OG&E’s program was specifically credited for its exceptional customer experience. The Joint Weatherization Program is currently in its ninth year and has consistently produced high customer satisfaction ratings with a four-year mean score of 9.4 out of 10.

Customer Impact

This program’s weatherization process begins with a home audit by a certified weatherization contractor. Following the audit, appropriate cost-effective measures are determined and implemented. The program offers duct sealing, air infiltration reduction, ceiling insulation, lighting upgrades, and other energy-saving installations at no cost to the customer. The utilities collaborate with DK Construction, Total Home Efficiency, and Williams Energy Efficiency, all local contractors, to complete home upgrades.

Through the program’s history, AOG and OG&E have provided thousands of Arkansans with efficient home improvements. In the 2018 program alone, AOG and OG&E saved over 240,000 therms of gas and 4,700 MWh of electricity, respectively. According to EPA calculations, these savings are equivalent to removing the greenhouse gas emissions from over 1,000 vehicles for a year.

“AOG is proud to partner with OG&E and our local weatherization contractors to help our customers reduce excess energy consumption. Weatherization severely energy inefficient homes allows our customers to improve comfort and reduce energy costs. On average, our weatherization program participants save over $250 per year in natural gas costs,” stated John Ware, Director of Customer Development.

Pollock added that, according to OG&E Program Manager Ryan Lee, OG&E participants have saved $260 annually in electricity costs.

How to Participate

Qualifying customers include AOG and/or OG&E customers who own or rent a single-family or multi-family (up to four units) home. The home must be at least 10 years old. Customers can enroll or learn more about eligibility requirements by visiting the utility websites or calling the customer service departments.

About OG&E

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company, a subsidiary of OGE Energy Corp. (NYSE: OGE), is Oklahoma’s largest electric utility. For more than a century, we have provided customers in Oklahoma and western Arkansas the safe, reliable electricity needed to power their businesses and homes at rates below the national average. Our employees are committed to generating and delivering electricity, protecting the environment and providing excellent service to our 842,000 customers. OG&E has 6,304 MW of electric generation capacity fueled by low-sulfur coal, natural gas, wind and solar. OG&E employees live, work and volunteer in the communities we serve. For more information about OG&E, visit us on the Internet at or follow us on Facebook: and Twitter: OGE.

About AOG

Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation (AOG) is a natural gas utility committed to delivering clean, safe, affordable, and reliable energy solutions to our customers every day through exceptional service and a strong commitment to the communities we serve.

We provide natural gas to approximately 60,000 residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural customers in Arkansas and Oklahoma. We've been serving the people in Fort Smith and the surrounding area with safe and reliable service for nearly 75 years.

In 2017, AOG joined a larger group of natural gas utilities when it combined with Summit Utilities, Inc. This brings added expertise to the team, as well as additional financial resources for ongoing growth and investments to protect the integrity and safety of AOG's natural gas system.

We take pride in being your local natural gas provider and look forward to continuing to serve families and businesses throughout the Fort Smith region for decades to come. Visit us at or follow us on Facebook:

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