Create Your Dream Backyard with the Help of Natural Gas

Expand Your Living Space into Your Own Backyard Oasis!


Whether you want to entertain, socialize, or grill up a great dinner for your family and friends, the backyard is the perfect place to relax. With natural gas appliances, your deck or patio can be converted into your family’s personal retreat space.

Enhance your outdoor living experience with a variety of natural gas appliances, including

  • Natural Gas Grills - Because you don’t have to wait for the coals to heat up, cooking times are shorter. Best of all, you’ll never run out of fuel! There are no heavy tanks to exchange, and no messy charcoal to clean up after you grill up all of your BBQ favorites!
  • Outdoor fireplaces – Turn your patio into a four-season gathering place. Available in many styles and sizes, they’re efficient and convenient, and can be installed almost anywhere to enjoy year-round.
  • Firepits – Gather around with family and friends! Available in a variety of styles, from rustic bonfires to sleek modern styles and finishes, gas firepits are simple to use, energy-efficient, and provide a steady, controllable level of heat – without the mess of wood and ashes!
  • Patio heaters – Enjoy your backyard time on chilly evenings with the warmth of a patio heater. They typically provide a 15’ – 20’ circle of heat, and can be free-standing, or mounted on posts, walls, or ceilings.
  • Pool and spa heaters – Enjoy your pool or hot tub year-round with an energy-efficient gas heater. Some models are up to 95% efficient. They can heat water quickly and can maintain temperature regardless of the outdoor weather.
  • Gas lights - The perfect solution for lighting patios, decks, and walkways. They don’t attract insects as much as electric lights, and can offer security during power outages. They can be mounted on posts, pedestals, or walls, and come in a variety of designs to match your home’s style.
Get connected – easily and safely

To connect a natural gas appliance to your home, you’ll need to work with a licensed professional. Never tamper with gas lines in your home. A plumbing or heating contractor or a licensed gas fitter can assist in connecting and hooking up your new gas appliances to your natural gas service from Summit Natural Gas of Maine. Most propane appliances can be converted to natural gas with the proper conversion kit, too.

Gas convenience outlets

Gas convenience outlets are a great way to add versatility and safety to your outdoor living area.

  • Make installing and moving your gas appliances almost as easy as plugging and unplugging electrical appliances.
  • Increase appliance portability so you can redesign your outdoor space and reposition your appliances at any time.
  • Feature an automatic shut-off valve, which prevents gas from flowing unless the appliance is connected correctly.
  • Allow you to easily and safely disconnect and store your appliances when the outdoor season is over.
Need Inspiration & Ideas for Outdoor Living?

There are so many ways to enhance your backyard, patio, or deck to enjoy year-round. For inspiration, some of our favorites include: