Understanding Oklahoma Natural Gas Rates

At Arkansas Oklahoma Gas, we understand just how important it is to give our valued customers, the best possible prices. That is why we ensure our prices are stable, giving the families and communities we serve, the peace of mind they need. Unlike propane, which is very likely to have varying prices, our prices are pre-approved by state regulators.

Oklahoma Rates

Rate Class Customer Charge Delivery Charge Cost of Gas WS Rider Units
Residential $15.65 per month $0.94842 $0.69445 $0.13315 CCF
Small Business $30.15 per month $0.56012 $0.69445 $0.13315 CCF
Medium Business $200.15 per month for each Meter First 500 MCF $5.08577, Over 500 MCF $2.68965 $6.94450 $1.3315 MCF
Large Business $1,000.15 per month for each Meter First 4,000 MCF $2.47582 , Over 4,000 MCF $0.95307 $6.94450 $1.3315 MCF

*Medium Business - Annual Consumption more than 10,000 MCF and less than 30.000 MCF

*Large Business - Annual Consumption in excess of 30.000 MCF

*The aforementioned charges for natural gas service shall be subject to adjustment each month, pursuant to the terms of the Weather Normalization Adjustment Clause, and charges resulting from the operation of the Municipal Tax Clause.

*Please contact the AOG office for further details regarding the Business Class Rate Schedule.

*All rates are approved by the Oklahoma Public Service Commission and are effective in all Oklahmoa areas served by Arkansas Oklahoma Gas.

Weather Normalization Adjustment (WNA)

The WNA (Weather Normalization Adjustment) is an adjustment to the distribution charge on your monthly gas bill to reflect normal weather.

The WNA will be a charge or a credit to your bill each month. This adjustment is used during the billing periods for November 1 through April 30. If the weather is colder than normal during a billing period, your distribution charge will be reduced in the form of a credit on your bill to reflect what the distribution charge would have been during a normal weather period. If the weather is warmer than normal, your distribution charge will be increased in the form of a charge on your bill to reflect what the distribution charge would have been during a normal weather period. The WNA has been approved by the Arkansas Public Service Commission for AOG's Arkansas customers.

Municipal Tax Clause

The total amounts paid to each municipality served in the state of Arkansas for municipal, excise, sales or gross receipts, license, privilege or franchise taxes or fees or other extractions of monies (excluding ad valorem and income taxes), which are levied or imposed by laws or ordinances, shall be passed through to the Customers served within the boundaries of the municipality that levied the tax or fee or for which the tax or fee was levied. The charge for the municipal tax or fee shall be shown on the face of the bills as a separate line item.

Customer Charge

Customers pay a charge to help cover the fixed costs of providing natural gas service. Fixed costs include bill processing, meter reading, meter equipment, service line maintenance and customer service personnel.

Delivery Change

Customers pay a charge to have natural gas delivered to a residence or business. This charge will be subject to adjustment annually based on the Billing Determinant Rate Adjustment (BDA) which is approved when actual delivery charge revenue is less than authorized revenue from AOG's last rate case docket. The delivery charge is applied to billed gas usage which may vary monthly.

Cost of Gas

Customers pay a charge designed to recover the actual cost of natural gas purchased by AOG to serve our customers. State statutes or regulations do not allow AOG to make a profit from the cost of gas.

Performance Base Rate (PBR) Credit

Credit due to customers in accordance with credit plan filed in conjunction with AOG’s annual PBR filing.

Miscellaneous Service Charges

Description Charge
Returned Check Charge $Max
Meter Test Fee $25.00
Collection Fee $25.00
Connection Fee $30.00
After Hours Connection Fee $50.00
Tampering Fee $50.00
Reconnection Fee $30.00
After Hours Reconnection Fee $50.00
Special Meter Read Fee $20.00