Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Partners with Goats on the Go - Fort Smith

Utilizing safe, sustainable, environmentally conscious method known as targeting grazing


FORT SMITH, Arkansas (June 30, 2022) – As an energy provider, socially responsible business and good neighbor, Arkansas Oklahoma Gas (AOG) is committed to being a partner in building a sustainable energy future in the communities it serves. To help AOG reach that future, AOG continually looks for ways to reduce its carbon and methane emissions and promote sustainable and efficient energy use. One specific way AOG is working towards this goal is by partnering with Goats on the Go - Fort Smith.

Goats on the Go - Fort Smith is a sustainable and environmentally responsible way for AOG to clear weeds and brush from areas in its service territories using a method called “targeting grazing.” Targeted grazing is the application of a specific kind of livestock (goats) to accomplish defined vegetation or landscape goals. It is also known as “conservation grazing,” or “prescribed grazing.” Targeted grazing controls problem vegetation without erosion, chemicals, or the disruption and burning of fossil fuels that comes with mechanization. The goats stay in the targeted area for just a few days, or until their job is done.

“AOG is committed to conserving natural resources, helping to solve environmental challenges, and our impact on the environment through energy efficiency, pollution reduction and forward-thinking innovation,” said Tony Parker, Director of Operations at AOG. “Our partnership with Goats on the Go - Fort Smith is just one way we are making good on our promises.”

To keep the goats contained, Goats on the Go – Fort Smith installs temporary electric fencing to enclose the areas that are designated for grazing. The electric fence is powered by a solar-charged power source.

Goats on the Go – Fort Smith checks on the goats regularly and carefully monitors the progress of the grazing project. The goats often sleep under the stars on the service areas but depending on location and the anticipated length of stay, the goats may go home overnight.

“I’m out in nature all the time and I believe in taking it and putting it back, close to its original environment,” said Andrew Goldsmith of Goats on the Go – Fort Smith. “Goats can bring balance into an environment while keeping underbrush cleared away. They provide natural fertilizer and make an overall positive environmental impact, sustain things naturally, and the goats love their work. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

The goats aren't aggressive towards people, do not harm the surrounding vegetation and do their jobs in silence.

Operated by Andrew Goldsmith, Goats on the Go – Fort Smith serves the Fort Smith area in Arkansas, including Crawford, Franklin, Sebastian, Scott, and western Logan County, and eastern Sequoyah and Leflore County in Oklahoma.

AOG provides natural gas service to approximately 60,000 residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural customers in Arkansas and Oklahoma. We’ve been serving the residential and commercial customers in Fort Smith and the surrounding area with safe and reliable natural gas service for nearly 75 years. Based in Fort Smith in the heart of the Arkoma Basin, this area is rich in natural gas production. That gives us the ability to access and transport natural gas produced from local wells. These local supplies, in combination with our ability to obtain natural gas from interstate pipelines, enable us to provide reliable natural gas service to all our customers. In 2017, AOG joined a larger group of natural gas utilities when it combined with Summit Utilities, Inc. This added expertise to the team, as well as additional financial resources, for ongoing growth and investments to protect the integrity and safety of AOG’s natural gas system.