We believe awareness is key to preventing pipeline incidents in your home and in your community. Our safety page covers what to do if you suspect a leak, information on safe digging , cross bore, utility line markers and much more!

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Cutting excess energy use has never been this easy! We are proud to offer rebates on qualifying heating, water-heating and smart thermostat equipment.

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This year, AOG donated money and time to environmental and conservation efforts, anti-poverty & hunger initiatives, educational work, economic development, safety, and health & wellness endeavors. Our hope is that these efforts will continue to aid local economies and communities throughout Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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An Excess Flow Valve or EFV, is a device that we can install on your natural gas service line. This is the line that runs from the gas main, generally located in the street, to your house/meter.

EFVs are designed to shut off, or significantly reduce, the flow of natural gas if a service line becomes damaged and that damage causes a sudden and significant increase in gas flow. When activated, the excess flow valve may prevent the buildup of natural gas and lessen the possibility of a natural gas-related safety event.

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