We've Made Improvements to Serve You Better!

To provide better customer service, we’ve replaced our Customer Information System and updated our website and online account management site. As a result of these upgrades, you have a new account number. For some, this transition will be seamless, and if you pay your gas bill online, by phone, at walk-in agencies, at kiosks or pay through their bank, you simply need to update your billing information with your new account number. We’ll keep track of your old number for the next month.


Your new 7-digit account number will take effect on July 1, 2019 and can be found on your July bill. If you use your bank’s bill paying service or automatic payment drafts from your bank account, you will need to update your payment settings with your new account number to avoid delay in the posting of your payment. If you pay online, by phone, at walk-in agencies or at a kiosk, simply note your new account number.


Your new statement makes it easy to find the information needed to understand your natural gas bill. Visit our How to Read My Bill page for full details on all the helpful improvements to your bill.


We’re focused on providing our customers with an easy way to find the information you need. Best of all, our new design features responsive design that’s compatible with any device – desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.


From the homepage click the button to log in or register your account, and explore all the new features and information needed to manage your natural gas account, including real-time access to your account information. You’ll also have full access to downloadable bill statements and monthly bill inserts, payment and transaction history, as well as convenient, money saving payment options, energy efficiency programs and more.

Based on your payment preferences there may be some updates you need to make:

If you... Pay using the AOG website

Enrolled: – Visit aogc.com and log in to your online account using your existing username and password then choose your preferred payment option and enter payment information. Make a payment using your checking or savings account with NO FEE.

Non-enrolled: – Enter your new account number at aogc.com then choose the preferred payment option and enter payment information. Make a payment with credit, debit, checking or savings. A convenience fee of $2.95 will apply.

If you... Are enrolled in AutoPay

No action is needed – your bill will continue to be paid automatically each month.

If you... Are enrolled in Paperless Billing

No action is needed – You will continue to receive an email from us every month to let you know when your gas bill is available to securely view and pay online. You can also enroll in AutoPay from your online account.

If you... Are enrolled in Average Monthly Payment Plan (AMP)

You will continue to pay the rolling average amount each month. Simply update your new account number on whatever payment method you use (phone, online or check).

If you... Pay using Electronic Banking

If you use electronic banking to pay your bill, be sure to provide your new account number to your bank to avoid a delay in posting your payment.

If you... Pay by phone

To make a payment via phone, please note the phone number has changed. The new number is 1-888-546-0502.

After July 1, if you need to make a payment on an old bill, you will need your new account number to ensure payment is applied to your account. To retrieve your new account number, CLICK HERE to enter your old account number to access your new account number before making the payment. You can also call customer service at (800) 842-5690 to receive your new account number.

If you... Pay by check each month

Simply write your new account number in the memo section on your check.

If you... Pay at a kiosk, drop-box, or payment agent such as Walmart or bank

Please note your new account number when making a payment